Get Your Skis + Snowboards Shined Up!

Windy City Ski & Snowboard Show billboard

Fall has been hectic so far with a vast array of projects – magazine design, direct mail, print ads, web development…

Though it seems early, this is the time of year my thoughts start wandering to ski season.
We had the good fortune to help with the media efforts for the upcoming Windy City Ski & Snowboard Show. It was wild seeing the billboards we designed while driving around the Chicago area! They could be seen on I-90, I-294 and IL-53.

Happy 2018! hopefully bidding farewell to several trends

Welcome to the new year! I hope your holidays were relaxing and spent with family and friends. Now it’s time to get back to business – or ease into it, anyway.
Hopefully we can bid farewell to these trends (and phrases) as we begin the new year:

  • Fidget spinners
  • Ripped denim – what’s old is new again…and again?
  • Charcoal in everything – drinks, toothpaste, facial products…
  • Unicorn frappuccinos – huge dose of sugar masked by disturbing color
  • Fake News!

Any other suggestions? Send ’em over!
Hope to hear from you in the new year.

Summer’s Here!

Summer’s here and the time is right for …

re-branding / updating logo
trade show displays
graphics for special events
redesigning your website

… oh yeah, and dancing in the streets!

With the first day of summer upon us, it’s the ideal time for outdoor activities. Though we’ve also been busy with several new projects inside  [New Work].

We had the pleasure of working with the amazing team at Wilmette Public Library. Not only did we rebrand & develop a new logo, but we also designed their new responsive website. Project goals: create a dynamic site that’s highly intuitive and works well on any device (mobile, desktop, tablet).

Enjoy the rest of your summer before the days start getting shorter. (Wait, summer solstice just happened?)